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Speech takes more brain power than any other physical function. Use it wisely.

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Yoga improves your body, mind, and spirit. Join us! Cape Cod yoga on the beach.

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You always have options. We can customize a personal fitness program that is right for you. Start now!


Good health starts from the inside out with optimal nutrition and clean eating. We can help!

All proceeds from our yoga classes are donated to Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

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Arbonne Nutrition

Beauty starts from the inside out with this line of all natural nutrition products. We love that they are vegan certified, botanically based, and gluten free! Hands down, the best we've ever used, and we've tried nearly all of them!

Phytosport Nutrition

Power up with these three all natural sports drinks before, during, and after a workout. Improve endurance, energy, and peak perfomance with these all natural, vegan-certified power drinks that have no chemicals or dyes. These keep us going during the longest workouts!

Arbonne Skincare

Beauty is more than skin deep. Arbonne's skin care collections are pure, safe, and beneficial.

Who we are

We have been committed to good health and nutrition our whole lives, which is why we completely understand the challenges of full-time jobs, kids, and day-to-day responsibilities. All that can make it hard to commit to taking time for yourself. We can help teach you strategies, best practices, maximizing results in minimal time, and taking care of yourself, inside and out.

  • Committed to your success
  • Passionate about exercise that is safe and smart
  • Dedicated to doing good every day

Break It Down

Watch a short, one-minute video showing the correct form and function of a staple fitness move then try it yourself!

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